James Sol Radina

James SOL Radina has grown up following the greatest and latest trends in technology when it comes to marketing online and through mobile apps. His newest project has been running a beta version of The 90 Day App Challenge. He is currently running an App Incubator Program with a select few entrepreneurs and finding success beyond original expectations. As Lead Mentor for the Fall Season and first full Incubator Program, James will be available to the participants on a daily basis.

The 90 Day App Challenge is a program he co-created to take entrepreneurs and app developers along the journey of creating their first mobile app.  When the participants graduate, they will have a percentage of revenue share in all the other apps in that group, thus giving them their own App Network!

James is a specialist when it comes to taking an idea and going through the process to turn it into an actual working mobile app. Having gone through the app development process many times, James is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise along with what he has learned along the way that did not work.  The 90 Day App Challenge

James is also founder of SOL Marketing SOLutions, an Online Product Launch Management & Marketing Firm. James has supported hundreds of business owners through his online consulting services, where he specializes in online product launches. James has found a niche in working with and supporting some of the top thought leaders in the world, including Brian Tracy, John C. Maxwell, Les Brown, Jonathan Budd, Jim Bunch, Lisa Sasevich, Paul Martinelli, and more. In the last 12 months James has been responsible to managing two launches that have now totaled over $8.5 Million in sales.

Most importantly…
James is all about social responsibility and giving back… leading by example… volunteering his extra time to charities… and being the change he wishes to see in the world. James’ recent charitable activities include his work as a Make-A-Wish volunteer; Young Professionals 3c Committee Founding Member; Wish Granter; Make-A-Wish San Diego Chapter Volunteer of the Month September 2008, Amazing Wish Kid Airport Greeter; three-season Mentor for Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation; unofficial Big Brother for eight-year-old with life threatening illness; co-founder of S.P.I.N. San Diego (Spreading Philanthropy Into Networking); Marketing Director to a local charity Jeans 4 Justice (a non profit providing education, awareness and prevention of sexual assault/ violence); and co-founder of a change organization called SEVEN (a new tribe bringing together leaders in San Diego who are into personal development/self growth and giving back). In one of his latest projects he is starting a new Social Business that will be training leaders on how to be Community Development Workers in foreign countries (think Voluntourism but with training on how to be effective volunteer on the ground): http://EndingPovertyTogether.org

Sol Marketing Solutions

90 Day App Challenge, World’s First Virtual App Incubator

Goal: I will Sail around the world in 2015.

Goal: I will Help launch a charity that shows kids the power of giving back to the community, ‘Mentors In The Lives of Kids’ Program (MILK) in 2013.

Goal: I will be fluent in Spanish by July 1, 2013.

Goal: Manage A 1/2 Million Dollar Plus Product Launch by December 31, 2010. (DONE! Should have set it higher!)

Goal: I will have an Empowerment Group launched by January 31, 2010. (accomplished)


James Sol Radina

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