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Posted by James Radina | Posted in Personal, Personal Growth | Posted on 23-06-2010

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!!!!!!!!!  WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!

I did not know how else to start this post.  I can not put into words the *HAPPY DANCE* I have been doing since we received the news that there does not seem to be any traces of Cancer in our loved mentor and friend Mr. Brian Tracy!  Yup!  Gone… disappeared!  It’s a miracle.  I can say that because I believe in miracles.  The Universe, or God, or whatever your belief system, has aligned everyone’s prayers, thoughts and positive energy into some major warrior style, cancer kicking, full-force POWER!

I want you to read the full story on Brian Tracy’s Blog.  You will read the complete story of his Chemo Sessions, his travel during this process, his appearance, and he even speaks about the size of the tumor (2 inches x 1 inch x 1.5 inches).

I would really like you pay attention to his thoughts on HOW THIS HAPPENED!   Link To Full Story on Brian Tracy Blog, Click Here.

Here is a snap shot of how to fight Cancer:

1.  Prayers from around the world (especially the ones on this blog! :).

2.  Some Healing Hands.

3.  Funky Mexican Tea!  I need some of this!

4.  Amenga Wand.  Too cool.  Need to check this out in more detail for sure!

5.  Good food, no stress, and HAPPINESS!

OK enough from me.  Please leave your comments, I would love to hear from you.  But most importantly, read the entire story on Brian’s Blog, here is the link:



James Radina

P.S.  This is really cool.  Brian Tracy is giving away a ton of free video lessons.  It’s called Video Briefings.  He did these videos after he found out there was cancer in his throat.  He looks great to me!  CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE VIDEO SERIES

  • That is Wonderful to Hear James. A much occasioned happy dance! Let's talk soon. Cheers. Casey

  • Raul Nita

    i James, this has been one of the most wonderful news in my life, when I read some days ago that my dear mentor has won the battle. Actually I knew from the beginning and believed in him that he will suceed, because of his strong belief, positive mental attitude and...most of all, his unconditional love for the world we are living in, his unconditional love for all of us. These things mixed with our love, people around the world who were thinking at him and praying for him, gave an example for all of us that if we can apply this magical and unique combination in everything we do, we can move the mountains and live a happy life, in full harmony with ourselves and the others. God bless Brian and his family, God bless you James and your family and thank you for this message, for accepting me as your friend on Facebook and also for being close to Brian always, especially in the tough moments he had recently. Hope in one day we have the chance also to meet ! All the best, Raul

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