My Morning Ritual Revealed

Posted by James Radina | Posted in Personal Growth | Posted on 29-03-2015

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It’s been about 9 months now since I have consistently been starting off my day with a little ritual, that keeps me OFF my phone, email, and computer. Prior to this, I would get out of bed and start checking emails. NO BUENO! That would just get my mind racing and next thing you know it’s 6pm and I have not had a moment to myself.

Now, I don’t look at text messages, email, or Facebook for 2 hours. And I can tell you, it’s the best thing that I could for mySELF, my relationships, my business and my health! Hands down the most important thing I do all day. If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or even work for someone else, then you know how easy it is to just get CONSUMED by work/ passion/ impact. And this might sound counter intuitive, but it works! Try it. Start with 30 minutes. If it works (and it will!), then move to an hour. Maybe 2 hours like me :)! Then you tell me (or better yet, share with YOUR friends) the results. I have built my latest company faster and bigger than I have built anything before. My relationship with my dream girl is more real, connected and beautiful than any other relationship I have ever been in. I feel in optimal health! And the biggest one for me… my Spiritual Connection is taking priority in my life, which I have always looked for.

So here it is…

1. Give gratitude to God, Universe, Spirit, etc for the safe night sleep. (And try to remember your dreams, journal them)

2. Drop some Coconut Oil in yo mouth while you do #3. (More info about Oil Pulling Here:

3.  Shower.  Yet, make sure you finish with cold water.  Wake those trillion little cells up!!!!

4.  Spit out your coconut oil and brush them white teeth.

5.  FEEL into some mantra’s, incantations, or affirmations.  Important thing here is to FEEL them.  Just saying words does not work!!!

6.  Drink lots of water and Green Juice.  Make your own or pick your favorite one.  I love Athletic Greens:

7.  Yoga. Meditate.  Stretch.  Exercise.  MOVE YOUR BODY!  I prefer Kundalini + Meditation + Surfing.  It’s like Yoga on crack.  :)  But not really.  It’s the most powerful practice I have ever found.  Infusing breath work with specific Kriya’s… it’s hard to explain, JUST DO IT!  I love and I must plug my beautiful soulmate Dr. Somer Nicole (who just happens to be doing a 40 day Kundalini Challenge right now for free!), you can find her here:

8.  Nourish your body, you deserve it.  Fix yourself a nice wholesome meal.  There is something special about making your own breakfast.  So give yourself that time.

NOW, you can go to the office, jump on FB, or whatever.  Enjoy your day!

Ohhh, see if you need coffee anymore.  I completely cut out caffeine.  This is so energizing, you might not need that cup of joe each morning.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

With Love,

James Sol Radina

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