Gratitude For Life and A Quote

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Do you ever feel truly aligned or connected?  Where everything you ask for and everything you are looking for just appears.  Does this happen to you?  It could be something as small as a quote at the right time.  (Which is why I love  Or you could be asking the Universe for some help with your job or your business.  You could be praying or journaling, or just thinking about it.  I am talking about when things just keep going right, you have momentum, and everything just keeps getting better and better for you.  Yeah, that is happening to me right now.  And I am so grateful, and look at the email quote I just received:

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity…. It turns problems into gifts, failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing, and mistakes into important events. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow”. – Melodie Beattie

gratitude picture with quote

gratitude picture with quote


Today is a good day.  A phenomenal day.  I just got done doing a major *happy dance* around the room.  Which I encourage each and everyone of you to do today no matter what, even if you do not have news as big as mine.  And you can make whatever news you have as big or as small as you want.

That being said…


1.  Find something that is going on in your life or create something new today, and celebrate it & yourself!  Do a Happy Dance.  (I recommend the Yoga Trance Dance, I just did it and it was enlightening, fun, and I felt very connected to it:

2.  Next email someone you love or some friends and share with them your success, or your event, or your gratitude.    Share with them what is so big for you today that you are dancing around the room in celebration for.  Today’s Challenge is to Celebrate.  Find something to celebrate then share it!


Mine:  I was dancing and celebrating the new partnership I just solidified with Paul Martinelli.  Paul was CEO of Bob Proctor’s business.  He is currently a partner on a few other business with Mary Morrisey, Les Brown (if you don’t know who less is, find a YouTube video of him, freaking awesome), and some other huge industry leaders  in the works .

Anyway, last week he was asking the Universe for someone to come in and build his online business (list building, sales, programs & products, future product launches, etc).  A few hours later I reached out to him out of the blue, we spoke, and the Universe went to work.  Today we had a 2 hour call and discovered each others goals… and we were in perfect alignment with each other!  We both want the same things and decided to form a partnership where I will be building Paul’s online business, taking a base salary yet acting as an Independent Contractor, and receiving a percentage of all the future monies I generate for Paul.  Ummm, yeah!  This is exactly what I wanted and I asked for (and a special thanks to my dear friend Stephanie, next to my computer is the sheet that you and I designed that outlines everything I wanted in my next opportunity, and this new partnership has it all)!!

It is day one, we decided right on the call that I would start today, and I am off!  Freaking on top of the world right now!  So, I just wanted to write a quick post and allow myself an opportunity to Share with others what I am just dying to shout at the top of my lungs about in excitement, and also to challenge you each to do the same.  :)

FYI, I am still acting as an independent Joint Venture Specialist with Brian Tracy International, but I will know be focusing more time on this new project with Paul Martinelli.


James Sol Radina

Brian Tracy Health Update, May 19th. Introduction to Philosopher’s Notes

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Hey friends!

First of all, let me apologize for the length of time it has taken me to get this video update out to you on Brian’s health.

Second, thank you to everyone that posted comments on my last video!  WOW, what a response.  And Brian was EXTREMELY grateful and just blown away by all the words of encouragement.  You definitely brought many smiles to his face when he read them!

Brian just returned from a 2 week trip and seeing him today in the office was a real treat.  He is looking better than ever!  And you can tell he is feeling wonderful.  Well anyway, watch my latest video update below….

Third, my friend and mentor Brian Johnson has an amazing program called the Philosopher’s Notes (Notes on 100 of the Greatest Books of all-time) .  It has personally changed my life and below the video I am sharing a special “30 Books in 30 Days!” opportunity with you.  Join me, let’s continue our journey of growth together!

!!!!!! As I mentioned at the end of the video, my friend & mentor Brian Johnson has a program called the Philosopher’s Notes.  I created a “30 Books in 30 Days!” challenge that starts Monday.  Join me and some special leaders & friends as we share in this experience.

The most transformational Big Ideas from 100 of the greatest personal growth books at your fingertips (and eyes and ears). Beautiful to look at and powerful to use, these mini-CliffsNotes™ of personal growth will inspire and empower you to live your deepest truths.

Zig Ziglar:  “Not all readers are leaders; but all leaders are readers.”

Click on the image below to learn more, sign up, and join us.  Then send me an email with your confirmation.   Starting Monday, and each day for 30 days, we will go through a new book and share our Big ‘AHA’ Moments with each other!  A 30 day challenge awaits you with the other leaders that accept this rewarding challenge…

Philosopher's Notes

Philosopher’s Notes = 100 of the Greatest Books, So Cool! Click Here

BONUS #1 -  3 free Philosopher’s Notes by just clicking on the link or picture above.
BONUS #2 -  Anyone that signs up before Monday can go through a my guided 30 Day Challenge, “30 Books in 30 Days! “ Don’t miss this opportunity!


James Radina

Philosopher’s Notes = 100 of the Greatest Books, So Cool! Click Here

PS-  Feel free to invite your friends to this challenge.  We are always looking to connect with other like minded leaders!

Tribal Truth & Jeans 4 Justice $100K 48hr Challenge

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I am helping my girlfriends charity with a $100,000 48 Hour Challenge.  I am working as the Product Launch Manager.  Below is our latest blog post, we are building relationship, list warming, and creating advocates for the cause.

CAUTION:  This video contains real stories from real victims of Rape & Sexual Assault.  Upon completion, please comment below (and share on twitter and facebook).  Take a stand with us, STOP the silence.  Imagine the impact of helping thousands of men and women realize they have a community that supports them.  That is the purpose of the 48 Hour Charity Challenge: To support Jeans 4 Justice, a charity dedicated to reducing the prevalence of Sexual Violence through prevention and education programs, and a charity that allows victims to have a Voice.  Please watch and take action, even if is simply by commenting below.

(Join the my list to the right to receive Morgan’s full story, more survivor videos, and updates on the challenge)

Call To Actions:

1.)  Become a Change Agent. Take a stand against rape & sexual violence.  Support the victims of these horrible crimes.  We are looking for 11 more men or women that what to Step Up and help us with “The 48 Hour $100,000 Charity Challenge” supporting Jeans 4 Justice on April 28th & 29th.  Simply comment “Count Me In!”  & we will reach out to you.  Thank you in advance for your heart and look forward to embracing you into our community (plus provide you with all the tools for the challenge).  Click Here To Read More About The Challenge
2.)  Share your comments or story here about the videos, inspiration for Jess to reach her dream, or your own experience.  Speak out, share your voice; we are a community that will support you.


Last Week’s Video: Jessica Johnson, Founder of Jeans 4 Justice

Watch in this video as Jessica shares the story about a Court Case ruling that ruled a woman could not have been raped because she was wearing jeans. Also watch as Jess not only shares her own powerful story of WHY she started Jeans 4 Justice, but she also shares how Jeans 4 Justice is taking a stand and making a difference in the community.  We are asking YOU to join Tribal Truth, Jeans 4 Justice, and the hundreds of other change agents to support this cause.

Please leave a comment here – share your story, your dream, your mission in life, or your inspiration for Jessica in following her dreams. This is a small step in voicing your support.

If you want to do more, Simply comment: “Count Me In!” and we will reach out to you & provide you with more information about becoming a Change Agent as part of the $100,000 48 Hour Charity Challenge on April 28th & 29th!

Please leave your comments below…

Gratitude Log- The Happiest Place On Earth!

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I just recently made The Gratitude Log my homepage. And every day I share with the world what I am grateful for. I used to write down what I was grateful for each day in a gratitude journal before I went to sleep each night. But I like this online place much better. And there are so many amazing people here! They are loving, caring and giving. There is no other place like this.

All you do is write what you are grateful for whenever you feel like it. It is a simple as writing on your Facebook Wall (and they let you share your gratitude with Facebook), or updating your Twitter. Here is my page:

“The community for spreading gratitude and appreciation. Open to shiny, happy people, businesses, and organizations the world over.”

It’s 100% FREE just like sunshine and the beautiful air you are breathing!  Join Me Today:  Gratitude Log Site

Brian Tracy Health Update

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6/23/2010 ** Update On Health, CLICK HERE **

Update April 20, 2010: Brian’s first Chemo session last Thursday went well and he is back on his feet as if he never missed a beat.  I just spoke with Michael, his son, and he said that Brian is as positive as ever.  Michael said, “If anyone can get through this it’s Brian.”   Brian & II agree!  Brian wants to be doing what he loves, doing what he is passionate about, and that is speaking, writing books, and changing people’s lives in a profound way.  And until he can no longer do that, you will always catch him smiling & in high spirits!  What a man, huh?!   Note:  The cancer did not affect the lymph nodes which is really good news, so as mentioned before, this is 90% treatable.

Tomorrow I will be printing off all the comments and handing them to Brian. This is your last call.  If you leave a comments, some inspiration, a prayer, or your favorite quote below, I will personally print it out and hand deliver to Brian.  And if you know Brian, he will read them and want to respond.  :)

I consider you my friend and you are a friend of Brian Tracy International.  Thank you for your love and support.  Together we are stronger than alone.

James Sol Radina

Original Post, Thursday April 15th, 2010: Brian starts chemotherapy for his throat cancer today and I filmed a quick video update.  I will be hand delivering your comments…

Friends and fans of Brian Tracy, thank you for stopping by to share your support.  Brian has inspired and motivated millions of people from around the world and now it is our chance to return the gift.

Like many, my own personal growth began with Brian Tracy, The Psychology of Achievement.  Before that point I had never heard anyone talk like that.  It changed my life by teaching me how to set goals and to set my course to anywhere I wanted to go. He helped me plant the right seeds in fertile soil.  Now I work in his office here in Solana Beach.  I have been to his house for BBQ’s and dinners with his family.  Brian started me on an amazing journey of continuous learning, personal growth, and spirituality. I am truly blessed!

Please share your story, a prayer, a quote, or your words of inspiration below…  ** I will be taking these comments and putting them into beautiful hard copy document .  Please sign in and comment so that I may hand deliver your words to Brian.


James Radina

Feel free to copy & paste your comment here on Brian’s Blog also:

Has Brian Tracy touched you in some way?
Do you have any words of inspiration that you would like to share with Brian and his family right now?


Hello! Mahalo! Hola! Bonjour! Konichiwa!

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Welcome to my personal blog.  You can learn more about me by clicking on the About Page.  Please check back often (or subscribe to RSS Feed) as I will be sharing with the world all about the amazing adventures and growth in my life.  I am stoked you are here, it means the world to me.  This post is a simple Hello or Konichiwa (I love that word).   Stay tuned my brothers and sisters!

Today Jess and I dropped off 250 extra bagels to a bunch of happy homeless men downtown. They reeeealy liked the fact that we brought a huge tub of cream cheese! Big props to Jess as she secured the bagels as a donation for her Charity, Jeans 4 Justice.  We used the bagels at our Justice In Motion Run for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which is April. What a Great way to start the day!

“There is no chance, no destiny, no fate that cancircumvent, hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.” - Ella Wheeler Wilcox