Tony Robbins Long Beach, 2010 Unleash The Power Within Video

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Here is just a sample of the CRAZY AMAZING ENERGY that we experience from the 4 day intensive Unleash The Power Within Event with Tony Robbins in Long Beach this last weekend!  This is just a sample of one scene and we did these “little” dance parties every 30 minutes or so for 4 straight 12+ hour days!  Freaking awesome!

Title: Dance Warm Up & Tony comes on stage to the Zombie Nation song…


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If you have never been to a Tony Robbins event, you MUST go.  He is not a motivational speaker.  He is a teacher of Optimal Living.  He has traveled the world learning from the best of the nest in every filed.  And he shares true mastery.  Plus the events are CRAZY, just look at that video!

-James Sol Radina

  • Celia

    Thanks James,
    I believe that humans should be celebrating life, through creativity, music and
    dancing. Thanks for your points on peer group changing, absolutely proven by
    myself over and over!!!! Finally, I made a commitment to myself recently, I have had to leave people to "get on with it without me" even if it means spending a lot of time by myself with just nature, at least its freedom from the "pond mentality" and its an open road to enjoying the company of motivated "walk their talk" people.
    When I can, I would love to come to one of the events over in USA. Love Celia

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